Nighthold and Salt Updates

Greetings my singular reader of almost a decade,

I just reviewed my previous update back in February announcing my return to WoW and it appears that I have already made some progress:

  1. I was 857, now 875 from actually doing content and not complaining.
  2. Ran through some LFRs, and Nighthold Flex.
  3. Got my first Legendary item (Pillars of the Dark Portal)
  4. That’s about it, oh and Turny the Druid is now 110
It also appears that there was a patch called 7.1.5 which everyone is salty over, and also these Pillars of the Dark Portal legendary pants are also causing a lot of salt.


Why is everyone so mad?

See I’ve come back to the game with a renewed look on life. I no longer care about topping the meters or the constant gear grind (while upgrades are nice, and helps with overall progress…if I don’t get them…then so be it, if I do…they’ll be obsolete soon anyways).

This would have been a very strange concept a year ago but I’m just playing for playing. Did I become what is known in the community as a “casual”? Or a “good” player who no longer cares? Does that even exist? Are you even ALLOWED to be “good” if you don’t care?

I am still aware of what stats are important to my specs, and know my spells and have all survival buttons in muscle memory, but I just don’t “care”? Sure there’s the baseline level of caring in that I’m still playing, but just not as crucially intense as before?

BOOM Topic Change: Salt

So according to the overall community I am supposed to be unhappy with all things warlock.

The first instance of this was when my legendary pants Pillars of the Dark Portal showed on the screen.

Let’s summarize these pants. Yes pants:

  • Let’s you cast Demonic Gate instantly and gives you two charges before initiating the cool-down basically.
  • Massive stats.
  • No specific DPS increase passive.
  • Love and hate all over the place.
What do I think about them? Well since they were a 90 ilvl upgrade over what I had before, I ain’t complaining.

Now, I do see where everyone is getting at. They changed Demonic Gate to give anyone who uses it a cool-down before entering it again, and if I remember correctly it used to just be 15 seconds instead of two minutes.

So these pants basically bring us back to a halfway point between the past and now, except now the gate casts and shows up basically instantly, letting you jump away…though in a rather clunky fashion since you still have to click the gate (unlike a warrior’s instant leap). 

We lost mobility, now you gain it back except you need a freaking legendary item to do it sort of half-assedly. Okay.

But working with what we have, this is really useful to be able to jump at will and teleport across dangerous poo on demand. While I’ve only literally used them for ONE day I am already looking for ways to make use of this ability, regardless if it doesn’t boost my DPS by 50% or whatever the other legendaries do.

Clever Topic Change: LFR

Did LFR get easier, or did the community really rest the calamities that is their mammaries and just really mellowed out? There’s no rage, or stupid people? Okay fine the first person that did speak out did call the tank a retard, but otherwise all the runs have been very smooth? Is this normal? Or is it really to the point where the mechanics don’t REALLY matter (so much for a stepping stone/learning point for new raiders) and its impossible to die?

Final Rant: World Bosses

Seriously, half the cool mounts now reside in easily soloable MOP world bosses and they need a MASSIVE HP buff. What the actual fuck. Sha of Anger…dead before you can fly to it. Come on, give it a billion HP, give it an immunity shield for 30 seconds…the only way to even get a kill in is to camp out ONE specific spot for all of eternity. Same with Huolon (at least he only has one spawn point) and the like. Seriously it’s annoying and makes me once again hate CRZ once again. Not only did you artificially raise the competition for rares you’ve also lowered the access to them unless you’ve got 360noscopemountaindew reflexes. Why does CRZ exist again? Since when since Wrath have we needed or wanted the help of others? Them game design choices doe. More people = more competition = fewer mounts = more salt.

Leave CRZ to the group finder. that has been amazing. People on demand, not all the time. When we don’t need each other we’ll be in our own servers at peace.

Until the day comes where my life is on the line and CRZ saves my ass I will NEVER EVER stop complaining about this. (To be fair I did meet some cool peeps while randomly farming old rep, but there was no competition, only collaboration).

So in conclusion, happy hunting.


Truny the Carried Warlock

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