How Timewalking of You to Join Us

Hi 2016

I won’t make the same mistake as last year by having my first post of the year occur in February!

So what has the triple-crew been up to? I have mainly been trolling around FFXIV what with real housing and professions to do and what not.

On the WoW front, I do my mission tables on Turby the Hunter, and he is back in Pandaria doing archaeology. My goal is to acquire the Tol’vir mount this year!

Truny will do her pet battles and rare hunting in Tanaan for sport, and log in every 2 weeks for her free mythic caches.

Turny is my designated time-walking dungeon hero.

Every week time-walking arrives, Turny the Tree will pop online and start healing like a crazy person. This time I even remembered to do FIVE dungeons for the free gear rather than just the first time 500 points turn-in!

Now I have a gripe with the ICC 5-mans. We got Pit of Saron and the mobs seemed to be hitting EXTRA hard and that’s when I remembered that this came out after what…T9? So most people would be in the range of 245-251, raiders maybe higher at 264+ but all our gear was scaled to 200!

We still managed to clear since we were STOOPIT but wow….scaling much? What happened to the good old days of throwing on 1 rejuv and life bloom and then go preparing lunch? Fun times though. For a character who I don’t think has even set foot in Highmaul any 695+ free gear is good, right?


I haven’t really given Time-walking the discussion that it deserves. When it was announced we were all in our “WoD sucks” phase and Time-walking just looked like a distraction of psuedo-content.

Sure, its just re-scaling old content, and doing the Outlands dungeons was a challenge but I didn’t start in BC like all the cool kids. I started in Wra- wait not again! Come back!

Ok you’re calm?

I started in Wrath, and yesterday’s time-walking was my first wrath time-walking and I’d have to say the nostalgia is real. Wrath was where I went from unknowing noob to core raider to DPS-whore-who-also-always-died-last. It was in wrath that I discovered that raiding wasn’t so fancy shmancy exclusive big dick club that we were waxed nostalgic about.

Running halls of lightning, all the old reflexes and habits kicked in. Why did I run behind this mob? Oh yeah, it shoots a death laser. I remembered all the mechanics! Could I say the same for the WoD dungeons? Ok maybe I could but…ok nevermind.

The Supreme elitists may say that wrath made the game super easy and gear became excessively available, but then once you meet these same supreme elitists on the battlefield you realize you are more efficient and effective in both output and damage mitigation even with their fancy gear vs your welfare epics.

WoD 2016

Nope, nothing to see here.

Turny the Tree

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