WoD Was Just a Time Loop

Well played Blizzard, well played.

As everyone is busy busting their nuts over patch 6.2.3; aka the “This Should Have Came With Launch” patch, we need to realize that this xpac is a beautifully perfect play on time-travel conundrums.

WoD’s incomplete launch was on purpose. If we take all the patches combined.. “6.1”, 6.2, 6.2.3 (what happened in between 6.2-6.2.3 I did not notice), we end up with a FULL launch xpac. WoD is now complete and whole and fresh and new. However this also marks the end of the xpac. The beginning is the end. Ultraxion had it right all along:

“I am the beginning of the end…the shadow which blots out the sun…the bell which tolls your doom…” (Ultraxion 2011)

But my dear Ultraxion, the beginning IS the end; WoD cast its own shadow upon the shining glory that is WoW; the bell which tolled its doom.

Will I play in 6.2.3? Well having been inactive for THREE months I am still rocking ilvl 700+ from all the freebie gear and now that there is a rare mount to be caught and personal gradual progression my answer is “Probably heck ya!”.

I have not touched the legendary quest past the 695 (?) ring and I do not intend on jumping into LFR any time soon. So no ring for me but that’s okay. Truny is rocking her old 4P from the Foundry so upgrading those should be good enough to the end of the xpac.

So they solved one part of the puzzle, but what shall we do while waiting on our queues? Ah wait I’ll just play my druid for healer queues!

Will people come back in the MILLIONS to upgrade their gear? Assuming gear levels have remained relatively untouched, maybe not.

Turny the Time Tree

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