Back for 6.1: Re-Blizzard Fueled, Re-Fizzled

Actually I lied. I’ve been meaning to do this entry every since Blizzcon 2014.

This is going to be in the form of half-paragraphs, half notes.

Yes, I went to Blizzcon last year and I just have to say that I am too old for hype and lineups. While the event in itself was an awesome experience, lining up is not my cup of tea.

This event had actually revitalized my Blizzard geek batteries and I started playing D3 and StarCraft and HS all in anticipation for WOD’s launch.

WOD Launched. Warlocks suffered.

My main gripe is that I can no longer out-dps someone 12-20 ilvl higher than me merely through existing, heck even someone 5-7 ilvl higher, it was the secondary stats! Where’s the crit?

All fun was lost, it sucked being 2nd, 3rd, maybe 4th on the charts. While Highmaul itself proved itself to be adequately challenging, I have to admit that one of the contributing factors of “fun” for me was how well my character performed, and warlocks just did not perform well.

Then, everything just got boring. Garrisons = MMO phone game. Why? It’s the most passive progression path you can think of. Click some things, come back for epics and gold. Wait what? The new Draenor is BEAUTIFUL, with a very awesome selection of soundtracks but other than doing the main quest I do not find any reason to go out and experience it. I don’t even MIND not having flying mounts!

I believe we’ve cleared Highmaul and got halfway through “heroic” aka fake regular aka fake gating, and downed the first boss in Black Rock Foundry. I did anyways. Same boring thing, show up to raid, do sub-par, log out. On another note, why would you even play if you aren’t #1 or immaterially close on the charts? This is a totally new experience for me. (I know I sound entitled and elitist but this is a truth).

Again, only thing I remember about that first boss is you need to dodge when he does his thing that makes it VERY obvious you have to dodge, then not dodge. Meh. Maybe i’ll come back and raid after a big break. Our guild has transitioned over to FF14 currently.

Now what was I talking about? Oh yes 6.1.

Garrison updates. A random visitor, a SELFIE camera? Seriously? The target market has totally shifted? How do I even get Arakkoa rep? And are there even any other factions out there?

Raiding With Leashes 3: My goal is to finish this then probably let my toons go stale until there’s an actual reason to log in.

Actually, that is all! See you in game!
Truny the Bored as Hell

One comment

  1. Garrison.. I've let my mine go to dust and farm is sitting fallow. No need to continue to visit them if I don't need the materials they provide. Instead I've started working on legacy achievements, like Glory to the IceCrown Raider and soon work on Ulduar raiding. 20 levels over and we can solo all this content, especially with a druid and/or warlock.

    I do have to agree that the mechanics on the raids are fairly 'obvious', well at least in the LFR versions I've seen. but, LFR is really only a 25 man (heroic?) dungeon..

    Can't confirm/deny sub-par performance in WOD content. I've usually chalked up my lower than others dps based on my gear being at least 20 ilevel lower than most in LFR as the highest I've seen is LFR (not normal and above). Last night in BRF, I was surprised to see my DPS in the top 10, vs lower 10. 🙂 Of course, I wasn't dying in the clutches of the rock monsters.


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