Getting Ready for 6.0 Something

So I logged in for the first time today, nothing BIG has changed other than the fact some spells got a much needed cleanup as well as Warlocks losing their mobility????  Y U DO DIS?

The new Kiljaeden’s Cunning makes us THINK and break down all our fights into 8 second intervals:

A. Which 8 seconds, and where do we need to move?
B. When can I pop this for a moving Chaos Bolt?

This shall be interesting.

Hunters got shafted, we lost serpent’s sting! I’ve been using this spell as my default pulling spell for SEVEN YEARS? Oh well I’ll adapt.

Druids: Wild Growth has a cast time..AGAIN? Make up your minds! You know what I don’t even care as long as I still get to fock around in tree form!

Anyone going to Blizzcon and want to be best friends? Let me know before the event starts!

Truny the Nerfed But Not Really

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