No Competition

Hi Reader,

Still subscribed? Pah!
So one thing I like about super rare tedious devious excruciating low drop rate mounts is that you generally face no competition for them once they go out of style and are farmable.
Looks like this week was a good week for me in terms of “outstanding things to do”, after not giving a flying monkey’s butt for the game, come back and farm some dungeons and land two “rare” mounts! Not bad at all!
Though its quite seizure invoking!

One comment

  1. I like my bird , got it on the second kill with the guild. 😛

    How active are you of late – in regards to blogging compared to when you started WoW blogging?
    Be a sport and drop by here: Linky here – calling all bloggers
    I'm doing a writeup to see how many WoW bloggers are still “active” – if you'd be interested in a link exchange, just let me know, it'd be good for some extra pageviews ^,^


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