Like Glass

Hello Reader,

I’ll admit, I’ve been on Elder Scrolls Online for the majority of my available online time. The world is just so vast and immersive, the quests are not redundant and I am self sufficient in my crafting!

Anyways, this is about WoW. What’s like glass?

Well after two years of on and off farming:

Yes, the stupid Vitreous Stone Drake out of stupid Stonecore! Now I’ve only ever seen this mount drop once EVER, which was when I was leveling up an alt in the regular instance and the (of course) worst performing rogue won it (always).

With this drake down, there’s only the one left in Vortex Pinnacle and the RIDICULOUS spawn-rate ones such as Time-Lost and Aeonaxx, though I regret not having searched harder before the merger of the servers, cause now there’s just too many people!?!?

Anyways! Bye!

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