Thoughts on Flex Raid

Good Evening!

So we cleared Flex on Saturday. Whoopdeedoo useless content-level cleared up to date. Elitist snark aside, Flex is something that i’ve been looking forward to ever since our bored escapades during Cataclysm.

What? Yes. We would get together a small task group and run some old raids for achieves and what-not and it was casual and half-brainless FUN.

Wait what? Did you say FUN?

Then LFR gets released in Cata, and now we are stuck with running a dumbed down current content with 24 other assholes. Why? People are mean and bad and do mean bad things.

So we ask for a localized “things”, scenarios, heroic scenarios popped up on stage. Things are looking promising. Now Flex hits, pure localized LFR with the illusion of being harder than LFR. I’m not sure about you but I’m not sure I want to categorize mindlessly easy into two categories. Anything easier than normal is just that, easy.

We blasted through and got some gear, a LOT of gear actually, more than I’ve ever seen in many many weeks of when I used to run LFR last year.

For a decent competent group, Flex provides the base acceptable level of challenge all while encompassing the long forgotten factor of “fun”.

How do we define fun? Well clearing bosses is fun, without smashing our keyboards in. Leave that to the players who matter, the heroic raiders.

Anyways, luckily the servers completely crashed last night so my 2nd Flex run (with the other guild) was cut short. Thank goodness, cause I would rather level my Thaumaturge in FF than do Flex garbage twice a week.

Wait what? Garbage? I thought you liked Flex?

Well yes, but it’s only fun the first time, now let’s get moving on to doing the “real” thing. Except reg no longer matters anyways. Hmm….conflicted!

ANYWAYS, tonight we are heading into Regular SoO and from the looks of the mechanics build this new raid is tuned waaaay below how ToT and T13 started out. Easy gear? Probably.

Turny the Flexible Tree Who Didn’t Even Do Flex With His Tree

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