More Thoughts on 5.4


Timeless Isle

After spending a bit more time on the Timeless Isle stalking Celestials on my alts, i’ve become curious on two aspects, in game and as a player.

In game, what does Orodos, the god that the Yaungol worship have anything to do with this mysterious time-locked island?

As a player, is this patch for me? It seems ridiculously “casual”, with all the rares and vanity items and 496 garbage. On a “casual” basis, this is great. Run around, tag some mobs get some coins, camp out Huolon for his mount occasionally. But in terms of “progression” it seems it’s…go raid or shut up.

The only two activities worth doing weekly are the celestial(s), and Ordos. Except I appear to be the only player to have gotten a shitty 540 glove off Ordos while everyone walked away with TWO 559 war-forged. Go figure, now I have to push my incinerate button a bit harder to catch up to them.

I’m not sure what all the fuss is about with everyone running around. What is their motivation? Are they all fresh 90s? Who the hell would even want 496s? Alts to the level of being unplayed that’s what. Like, my rogue and priest whom i’ve barely used, they could use a piece or two but that’s about it.

The timeless coins gets us a nice trinket, considering how lucky i’ve been with drop rates, when the time comes that i get 50,000 coins i will pick up that +9500 crit for 20 seconds trinket to replace the old haste one. But that’s it.

I guess there are achievements to be got, but, I think i’ve stopped caring.

Proving Grounds

Who is THIS new thing targetted towards? Do I really have to prove myself? I’ve already ranked in several real dps fights, is this going to be hard? Is it like doing Kan’rethad Ebonlocke? I see mobs with 500k HP, will it just be like questing in the vale where destro locks can just gather up 45 mobs and Fire and Brimstone them down in 5 seconds?

Speaking of green fire, our Dreadsteeds now turn green if you have the tome’s ability turned on!

Celestial Tournament

I think as I recover from my lack of sleep, my brain is slowly starting to accept the fact that I will actually have to use it to plan out “teams” for taking those drasted tournament fighters. Maybe this weekend maybe, I mean we didn’t level 75 pets to level 25 for that stupid grasshopper for nothing right?

Truny the Lazy

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