Garrosh Must Fall

Hello reader!

You still there?

Woooow, go check out the patch 5.4 trailer right now.

I’ve only been logging on to do two specific things lately for the past month or two: Raid, and herb.

I have no need for VP or charms or anything and I have no intention of playing my crappy ilvl 515 alts.

We’ve been in a slump, but this trailer has reminded me just how awesome our cinematics can be (compare this to the crap that was the deathwing trailer (LOOOLWHAT)!

Garrosh must fall! It’s time to set aside our petty quarrels and bring down this tyrant who would satiate his craving for power by laying waste to the entirety of Azeroth!

Also, I think Taran Zhu needs to bring along his healer bitch for his fights.


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