Flametalon Acquired

Hello reader!

Yeah yeah I’ve been slacking lately. I want to talk about mounts today. That is a savory topic as well as any other.

Specifically, I’d like to talk about rare-drop raid/dungeon mounts.

Even more specifically (OK I know, it’s in the title but shhh), I’d like to talk about the fiery bird that gets pooped out of Alysrazor’s dead butt-hole in Firelands. The Flametalon of Alysrazor.

Throughout our raiding adventures during those months, our raid group had never seen a single one of these mounts drop. I can probably estimate our kills to have been around 20. So 20 weeks and no mount. Fair enough.

We have heard of friends of friends winning the mount, so we know that it exists somewhere and it is a beautiful bird.

Now according to the 12 embers that I have in my bag, I assume that around 12 weeks ago I came up with this crazy idea to go and solo Alysrazor every week since we are now so OP and there’s really nothing left to do.

The first time through I thought it was kinda silly that a sole hero could just stroll straight up to Alysrazor and bypass ALL her mechanics and kill her before her tornado phase. Silly.

I called upon my significant other to join me in such frivolities and there we went, each week we took down the bird and by week 10, nothing. We started to use our alts, anyone who was 90 and was capable seemed to work so I’d say in the past five weeks or so we started running Firelands four times a week.

Two weeks ago, one of them fiery fiends dropped and just last week, a second one drop, thus giving us no reason whatsoever to ever walk into Firelands ever again!

I’d say that our total kills would probably be around 50. This would put us at 50 equivalent weeks of raiding Firelands. That sounds about right?

And because I’m not feeling creative with the screenshots I’ll just stick them in the middle here like this:

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