Longing for the Lock

Yesterday during our regularly scheduled raid, I realized something very very scary.

As I am the only healer in the group with an “acceptable” dps “set” (Aka switching to Boomkin and equipping one of the DPS weapons I”ve collected in heroics), I have been boomkin’ing a lot of MV lately and I have to say…it sucks.

Considering I am slightly over-hit and have nothing reforged to benefit my dps, I guess you get what you can get right? I don’t do piss poor, but the thing is, I’m not top damage. Ever.

So what? Well, when we first stepped foot into MV I had from the get-go began my strategizing for how my WARLOCK can maximize her damage on the different encounters. This can be done being a healer since all you do is push “rejuv” and people live.

So my scary revelation was that “oh my god, I am what my warlock is to what my hunter was to my warlock back in Cata!”

In other words “I can dish out two times more damage five times more effectively and enjoy the game all at the same time!”

I don’t like dots. This coming from a warlock sounds strainge. Dots that don’t do anything. Well, boomkin dots DO proc starsurge but I have no crit to push this. And I don’t really care, we got the bosses down with me being the measley 5th or 6th and perhaps I should just accept this. The Healer That DPS’d.

Perhaps I am just being a whiny non-advanced boomkin, but when you think of it, I have a warlock with ONE dot and no crazy mechanic of waiting for eclipses and managing the best time to cast a certain kind of spell, and a good time to refresh which dot and which dot to refresh first. I just…kill things and Chaos Bolt eats everything up! Perhaps it’s the 100% crit that I longed for.

Or maybe I should just work on a dedicated boomkin set. But that would mean I’d have to play my druid. NO!

Anyways I said I’d post pics, but what pics? Uh of course, Battle Pets! No no I’m not going to start talking about that anytime soon, but pics of battle pets that are perfect for the warlock class. Unless you are a cute cuddly creature loving warlock…then just choose one of the many rats/rabbits/squirrels that they added to the game and be happy with that.

Truny the Not A Boomkin

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