Dailies Suck, But Not Really

As my hunter dinged 90, I decided that he would not join in on the daily race. His new purpose on Pandaria is to fly around and mine and mine and mine and mine. I am considering slowly levelling up my second tauren druid to fly around and herb and herb and herb. Maybe.

The Boring Story

My druid was the first to hit 90 for “professional” reasons, that is to raid immediately. This was a painful process as I had never actually “played” my druid from 1-85 out in the world. I either tanked or healed all the way to max level, then healed at end game. Since doing dungeons wasn’t cost-effective I had to indulge in the traditional method of leveling: questing. What? What do I even?

Playing a boomkin is….nice, but annoying. It kills SO slowly. On one hand I can multi-dot and kite many mobs indefinitely with my self heals, but on the other hand, it just takes so goddamn long. By the time I hit 90 I had to gear up slightly so I started doing dailies and building rep. It would be two more weeks until I even touched my warlock.

Since my druid had such a huge lead on rep, I couldn’t just abandon everything and let my warlock finish everything. I hit revered with Klaxxi, Cloud People, and exalted with Golden Lotus on the druid and I by the time I had revered with GL my warlock was 90 and ready to go. This was the darkest time, as I was sometimes doing GL on two characters.

Dailies suck. This is no news to anyone. But they sucked especially because I was a boomkin that killed very slow. The Boomkin That Killed Very Slow. Sure, moonfire is a great tool to tag mobs before all the other assholes that are questing can get to them, but once again, very very slow.

The moment I hit exalted with Golden Lotus I completely stopped playing my druid and assigned him to finish up the Tiller dailies, since they are easy and require less killing.

As I had mentioned in my previous post, a destruction warlock is the perfect killing machine when coupled with a voidwalker. It feels like being a hunter back in their prime where you just land in any hub, then completely decimate said hub within 30 seconds without taking any damage at all.

Where it used to take my boomkin about a full 30 minutes to do the full Golden Lotus hub hopping cycle it would take my warlock about 8-10. Hop in, havoc, tag everything and mow them down then hop to the next  zone.

Dailies now do not suck. My warlock has taken over doing Shado Pan and August Celestials, and is now doing the Tillers for sport (and fish?). Kill 10 Chiji Students? No problem, 4 dead within 10 seconds of me landing in the area.

Now with my hunter, he doesn’t feel as “strong” as he used to be. Perhaps I got too used to end-game, wielding a Vishanka for most of the end half of Cata, but now my attacks feel rather insubstantial. Or perhaps I’m just irked that I can’t do back to back 200,000 hits with my pet?

Anyways, the irk with dailies now, is that some of them are horribly designed.

That ONE Horribly Designed Daily

Now we were promised changes to one especially excruciating daily, “The Bigger They Come”. Or what I like to call it: “The Fly Around Looking For Non-Existant Elites That Other Assholes Are Looking For Quest”.

This quest, which would otherwise take about 2 minutes to complete turns into a 20 minute mad dash to tag and kill. Really? What happened to the share tag? Why can’t we work together? This just harvests anger and rage. Perhaps the Sha designed this quest.

What happens is you either find the elite and kill it and be happy, or…

You find a mob, fail to tag it but end up facepulling extra mobs, then get hit by a fear and run into even MORE mobs, then DIE, which gives you a ton of down-time. Not very efficient. And kind of sad too.

Otherwise, I need to start posting some PICTURES!

Truny the Efficient

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