Harbinger of Twilight

Blah blah blah, nothing new save for exciting Patch 5.0.4. Despite super exciting talent changes for Warlocks and Perma Tree Form (YAY), nothing else is new and hence I haven’t been updating much. Heroic DS blah blah blah, today we were treated with a surprising delight. We managed to magically get Deck Defender on heroic mode thus finishing our Meta Mount. This amongst UI’s messing up and everyone still getting a feel of their classes. Though I’d have to say I really like the resto druid changes, our heals feel beefier, the new talents give us a bit more flexibility with cooldowns, and I am still trying to justify the useless use of our new healing magic mushrooms.

(Not sure what’s wrong with the lighting in this picture either, whatever)

The end.

Turny the Harbinger

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