Azeroth is Saved

My beloved druid Turny’s fate had been sealed the moment he hearthed away from Anub’arak’s rotting corpse beneath the Argent Tournament grounds. He would be the one to lead in “progression”. (Shut up, I know MOP is close and everyone has killed Heroic Deathwing, but shush). We’ve been working for a couple weeks on Heroic Madness and let me just
say….wow can this fight be any more boring? You think Spine is boring, think again. 3 Platforms of mind-numbingness, then one platform of mildly intense healing, then apparently Deathwing’s head platform is all out madness…at least for our first kill anyways.

We’ve been working out a lot of kinks. A LOT of kinks. We had our mechanics pretty much down on the get-go, and it was mainly an issue of (in order), surviving impales, placement of parasites, not running off the platform while zoned out (guilty), and nuking down adds. Anyways, Azeroth is safe and now I must go pick up garbage for the Darkmoon Faire folk.

Turny the Tree

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