July Updates

Wow, I just realized I haven’t updated my blog in a very long time!

I’m still here!

Sooooo what’s been going on? Firstly I’ve just finished going through job transition in the real life, always exciting to have more money! I got my big accounting exam results back as well, I passed yay! I also bought a new car, which I am going to inspect and pick up tomorrow..yay!

How about in game? Well, I decided that I really like healing, so I secretly made a SECOND druid. A resto druid. He made lots of friends in Azeroth via QUESTING and was quite glad to finally hit 85 to do the Gearing Game. As of now he is 386 and has slain the “real” Deathwing twice. He’s in boomkin gear but he can hold his own.

How about NORMAL characters? Well, as we all know the 30% “buff” was implemented yesterday, and PROBABLY because of this buff Turny the Resto Tree is officially 7/8H. Oh Spine……………….so boring. We’re going to attempt Heroic Madness on Monday…and…I shall perhaps report on our shenanniganings!


Turny the Local Grocer

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