400 Achieved!

Ahh what’s this blog without the occasional loot raging?

So one of my goals was to hit a PVE ilvl of 400 or higher before the end of this expansion, and today and last week’s bounty had hit the spot!

Despite still having a 378 offhand, the Vagaries of Time that everyone seems to have is my druid’s new toy, a significant spellpower upgrade from my 397 Visage. However, maces suck. Transmogs for maces lack in beautifulness. Anyways.

Hagara proved to be a Bountiful Bitch, as she dropped both the pretty heroic T13 red shoulders (love those red stones), and a Girdle of the Grotesque.

Ultimately I gained about 400 spellpower and 1% mastery. Also I got lucky on Spine (working on heroic now) and got lucky with the passive 880 spirit trinket which allowed me to transmog out around 900 spirit into pure throughput via mastery. (I found 3,200 spirit was plenty comfortable).

I know everyone and their rainbow shitting cats are have been 8/8 HM for half a year now, but I’m just glad we manged to get 6/8 (as of 06/25/2012) to be doing something “current” while it is still “current”. Sort of.

I need a red-offhand!

Turny the Explorer

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