Preparing for MOP: Glyph of the Felguard

There are a few things in which I prioritise in game, since it is just a game, however one thing that has been on my “list of thing sto do before MOP” is to collect ALL the 2-handers that look awesome/cool on my Warlock in preparation for our new glyph in MOP: Glyph of the Felguard.

This glyph allows our felguard/wrathguard to randomly equip any 2H sword/axe/polearm from our bags everytime we call for their aid.


I had started building up a proud collection however one of my addons, THREW EVERYTHING AWAY! I hadn’t noticed that my Cataclysm’s Edge went missing, amongst a lot of other weapons since as of late, I’ve been suffering from a chronic case of “all my bags are full on every character” syndrome.

Yes, every character has about 20 weapons in their bags, along with 3 full tier sets amongst the random food/archaeology/profession items. A dozen 2 handers go missing, who knows, free bag space is much sought after amongst the Troon-Toons.

Luckily, I can utilize the newly implemented item restoration process to get all these weapons back!

I had actually tried this out for fun, and I re-instated a 2H sword, which mysteriously got vendored. Now I know why, they ALL got vendored. Alas, that addon threw that sword away again so now I have to wait a month until I can get my weapons post fully up and functionable. Until then, I will continue to collect what I think I still don’t have!

Truny’s The Weapon Seller

(Essentially this addon thinks its smart and throws away everything your character can-not equip, along with gray junk)

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