Runy the Crazy Rogue

So cold..
My last toon to hit 85. I got bored one day and decided that I would like to blow some money on some “free” 397 weapons for my rogue. The issue was that he was level 83. = /  Questing. Ew.
Upon dinging his final ding of this expansion he quickly started up his dagger quest and waited outside Dragon Soul to quickly pop in and steal Hagara’s ring for our weekly runs.
10k gold and 12 hours later he was in possession of his easily obtained daggers (upgrading from 308s to 378s to 397s within a day, not bad).
So the dagger quest. OH, so THAT is where all of Uldum’s voice-acting went! If anything, the quests leading up to assassinating Creed refreshed my memory on how to be a sneaky bastard and the fact that I had taken Gouge off my bars! (Baddie!)

One thing I forget about my rogue is….how fun it is to sneak around, and how fun subtlety is for PVP! I queued him up into some battlegrounds to test out my new pretty weapons and just to be masochistic, attempt to complete the School of Hard Knocks on yet another character. Runy actually did manage to complete the tasks swimmingly with NO CURSING AT ALL!

Though much of that achievement is luck, I was lucky enough to find an empty unguarded *twitch* flag in AB, and our team was PLAYING NORMALLY in EoTS AND Warsong Gulch, and I managed to capture not one but two towers in Alterac Valley because….everyone seemed to be skirmishing in the middle regions of the bg……
PVP-wise, my rogue is safe and sound, however, if he is ever going to attempt to grind for what possibly is the simplest legendaries, he must excel in PVE.
PVE on the other hand could be summed up as: ihavenoideawhatimdoing.jpg
I dropped my Combat spec, since I am lazy and refuse to monitor three buffs/debuffs and having to refresh them manually is a pain, picked up the assassination tree and it is quite fun and working quite well. Well, for a nooblicious rogue anyways. Now that I have relatively reliable dungeon bosses to practise on, I shall revisit combat once again.
I am 100% sure that Runy has already exceeded the damage performance of my other silly melee classes, breaking 25k on stand-alone dummy boss fights. I queued him into Looking for Rage and that went well, save for only finding one upgrade, given most groups lately consist of 7 DKs, 7 mages, 5 druids, and 4 rogues (seriously tokens???).
It’s not losing rolls that is the bad part, but it’s the fact that I may have to requeue into such a poisonous/vicious environment another day in the following week that I dread.
But anyways, ultimate topic change: Warlocks are looking better and better on Beta and that’s what’s keeping me chugging through right now on my Cata-Flavoured warlock =(
Truny the Chaos Bolt is Back

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