Types of Rollers in LFR

With MoP comes a new and rejoice-worthy loot system that we will be able to enjoy in LFR, and that is individual based rolls against the bosses. How it works (from what I understand) is that we each get a roll “against” a boss, and if we “win” our roll and if the boss has an item that we need on our loot table, we win. No more need/greed. If you need something off of Mantid Boss, then you will use your roll against that boss and if you win it then you can enjoy your ilvl 525 item.

This is great, and because of this comes one last LFR post from me.

Our beloved new tool has been in service for hmm 16 weeks give or take a couple weeks? I am sure that we have all observed the varous types of people rolling on your gear, and I would just like to break it down one last time. /rejoice

The Normal Competent Player
This is you. All you need/desire is that one piece of gear that you are missing to finish your set, or perhaps is an upgrade from your 378 weapon. It is a legitimate upgrade and you because you know your classes ins and outs you are deserving of said weapon and will use it to its full potential.

The “I just Roll Needs”
These types of players seem to be rearing their ugly heads more and more often now, perhaps they are the sign of the shifting mentality of always rolling need regardless of if they need the item or not. These players generally already have the item that they rolled on and won and it’s best just to turn a blind-eye to them or perhaps persuade them through your superior negotiation skills. Sometimes it works.

The Off-setters.
Off-setters tend to have the 397/410 equivalent of what they are rolling on, however it is merely for their off-spec and due to their amazing performance no one can argue against them.

The Secret Gear Swappers
These are sneaky folk, upon a boss kill, if there is an item that they need perhaps for an off-spec or for a friend, they will switch out that piece of gear, say their gloves, and then roll need to prevent possible inspection QQ. Sneaky sneaky.

The Arrogant Distributor
These are players who have cleared regular DS and perhaps heroic DS many times, and queue to show off their amazing skills. However, they will still roll need on the tokens which are 1.5 tiers behind their heroic items and distribute it to whoever they deem worthy of receiving said item. Though their 70k+ dps does make everything go by much quicker.

The Kidnappers
These bastards roll on items as collateral to trade for items that they would potentially lose on future bosses. However, when they DO win what they need, they don’t trade out what they took for hostage in the first place. Best to ignore them and just let them vendor the unwanted item.

Did I miss any? Oh well!

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