Obligatory Post NDA MoP Post

Heroes, I will start off with a simple statement, that I will be wary of my excitement for the upcoming expansion.

Cataclysm was a strange experiment and it looks like MoP will bring about many reforms to put “meaning” back into a lot of things that we craved for.

Now in my usual non-comprehensive fashion here are my random thoughts on the upcoming expansion.

– Archaeology. There will be a HALL in Pandaria for archaeologists to go and mingle, have some tea, eat a biscuit and chat about their findings. THIS is what I thought we were going to get in Cata anyways. It’ll be nice to have more digs, though I wonder if any of the old digs will be upgraded or if we will be stuck with the same 359s. Then again the new VP changes allow us to “boost” ilvls?

-VP Changes. Using points to upgrade existing gear? I have no problem with that. This will be a very handy change for very “memorable” pieces of gear such as “first time” kills.

-Dungeon challenges. Sadly, my first concern for this is “make sure people who are qualified or have completed the heroic or passed some other measure/barrier are allowed to join so as they don’t ruin our runs”. Yeah I’m talking about the people who cheat the system AND perform badly showing up in randoms. Otherwise, with that aside I foresee us doing guild runs for the first few months, which will deter epic failures.

-Scenarios. FINALLY, as I had posted previously that we should just copy what LOTRO has done successfully: their skirmishes. Short little PVE sessions that help you progress your character in brainless/fun fashion.

-LFR for the first tier of raiding. This is nice for my alts, but from what I’ve seen, LFR has degraded the actual “interesting” portion of the real DS for me. Then again DS as a whole seemed very fractured and un-focused and just….boring. (WHAT ARE THOSE GENERALS DOING IN THOSE MAWS??”

-Pet Battles. Ok, as a serious rare hunter, I need to know the spawn locations of each and every one of the new pets and I also need to know if only one person is able to capture some of the rare pets or will our “battle” screen be phased separately so all we need to know is WHEN each pet spawns and not have to fight with 500 other people???

-Warlocks on fire. I have been holding off playing my warlock lately in anticipation to the major changes to our playstyle and DAMMMN it’s looking pretty crazy with all the multi-pets, self combustion, and felguard weapons.

-Cosmeteic Glyphs. DID I HEAR PERMA TREE FORM? As I had promised earlier if this is true then my druid shall become my PVE main. Unless Mistwalkers are super duper fun.

-Monks. ANOTHER druid type class that can tank/heal/dps! (Sorry Ret pallies, you don’t count as DPS). Yet another toon in which I can acquire VP effortlessly due to being very useful.

-New Zones. PLEASE NO MORE ULDUMS. I was fooled once, and I shall not be fooled again! I remember being ultra excited about Uldum, going in and finding lore only to be thrown into pit of voiceless meaningless NPCs and a Harrison Jones movie.

-Farmville. Everyone be quiet. This is probably just the forefront of Player Housing being tested again. A small plot of land where we can grow pets and weed and herbs and food? Interesting……..I think………perhaps there will be a house in there one day??

-TLDP/Aeonaxx. I wonder where the equivalent will be and what it is??

-Garrosh as the final final boss. Interesting spoilers…..though I’m kind of sad if this hadn’t been leaked. Though it might be really obvious through the storyline?

-New Hunter Pets? No info on those yet? Cranes? Hydras? Fish? Mantises?

What I am most excited about is the new continent itself, brand new zones which look amazing from the previews so far. Great material for screenshots!

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