Bruny reporting in! My weapon collection is almost complete, with the inclusion of Souldrinker that fell out of Deathwing’s bum, my warrior purpose has been fulfilled (to obtain many many melee weapons).
The ever elusive Gurthalak still evades my grasp (despite seeing THREE drop on my priest), and once one of my three melee-able toons obtain it I will be done the game. Though now I am having second thoughts that I might just eliminate Gurthalak from my list, as I’ve found playing as a tank more fun than melee. Then again my DK does use 2H for tanking….bah!!
But anyhow, my warrior. Tanking. Yes. It’s fun and visceral and angry! Despite not having a shield slam, or death grip a warrior makes up for the lack of ranged-savers (save for heroic throw or whatever it’s called) by being absolutely mobile with charges and leaps and aoe’s!
Rend, and thunderclap. It’s so simple and effective, spread your rends, then you’re good to go to press whatever you want since threat is no longer an issue in the world of tanking. With all the explosions and earth cracking, I find that the warrior has one of the best visual feedbacks of all the tanks and also less hypnotizing than a paladin. Don’t get me wrong a paladin is fun to tank with as well but after a while you end up zoning out just waiting for your three holy powers.
But anyways, the 4th Main has been chosen!

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