Forced to Collect

Mounts and companions collected and purchased for the sake of having them. Tell that to the creepy goblin Cupid pet from the Love Day celebrations going on. That thing is so ugly and just…creepy!

Alas, my concerns are about the Big Pink Lovebird that which is the new addition to our festivities and stables. A giant pink strider, which at one point in time only hunters could have obtained as real “live” companions.

My warrior is doing a great job as being the “official farmer of stuff” for me, and he is about 150 tokens short from purchasing this pink monstrosity, for the sake of purchasing it.

Of course my hunter will be the one to receive it and add it to his stable slot, but so what? Will I ever use this odd pink ground mount? Perhaps for giggles, but otherwise it’ll take a back-seat to the drakes as always, however my mount count will go up by +1 and perhaps will aid me in “accomplishing” a future “achievement” in MoP which requires us to collect 200 mounts.

Forced to collect, against our will!

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