The Annoying Thing with Demonology

Demon Soul. Fel Hunter. Fel Guard. What is the diabolical relationship between these three elements?

Our Fel Guard is our top AOE dps pet, and his/her/its Demon Soul bonus gives us increased spell damage and haste. This is the best DS for our spec. Nuking.

However, not all fights are AOE, or have lots of AOE elements in them. Think black oozes on Yor’sahj. That’s about it.

The fel hunter , or fel puppy, once only used by affliction warlocks is now the top dps single target pet. With all our dots on the enemy, their shadow bites can hit for upwards of 50k, whereas our felguards could never dream of hitting for that much.

So we use the fel hunter? Well no. The fel hunter’s DS is increased shadow dot damage, and our only two dots are corruption and our bane.This is a meh boost, not as great as increased damage fast nukes.

So we have to juggle. Pop DS with felguard out, use his felstorm then switch out to fel hunter until the next CD of DS, then switch to felguard. This is of course to maximize DPS. How annoying is this? Another minor annoyance is that DS does not exactly line up right with metamorphosis so possibly juggle with every other meta?

All this juggling is doable. Just really annoying. And all this while refreshing corruption, which doesn’t get auto-refreshed and our bane and trying to get into melee to use shadowflame.

Annoying. But totally needed cause affliction is just not bursty.

Truny the Annoyed

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