Looking for Rage

For us over here in Canada (Yes I’m Canadian, sorry to have deceived you all this time), the Fall of Deathwing LFR encounter was released (as with the rest of the world) and I was quite excited to be able to “see this encounter” as I am a “casual” player/raider, we only raid oh wait…we’ve gone from one day a week to three. Okay so not so casual. But still not heroic content and or completing all encounters within 10 days progression. I am a ranked BM Hunter if that means anything. (LMAO?)

ANYWAYS. I queued up and got thrown into a group on Spine of Deathwing. I was hoping “please please just let me be a replacement for one dps who couldn’t finish the encounter”. Nope. Corpses all over the airship.

Now what was really lacking was good leadership and also good following-instructions-skills. This is what was going on as I zoned in.

“Okay, get it to 9 and kill 3 corruptions and kill blood”. Say what? Get what to 9? What’s a corrupted? What blood? Then they started the encounter. Whoa, tentacles. Do I have to latch on? Do I kill ’em? How many do we kill? Whats with this big add, oh these slimes are the bloods, what do we do?

I BELIEVE this group tried to do the encounter a la Regular Mode and tried to trigger barrel rolls. NO WAY LFR will require 25 pugs to execute that properly. I reckon all we had to do was stand in the middle. (Which worked when I ran this again).

This group totally failed and half the group left. By this time I had picked up on pretty much what needed to be done. We needed to single out ONE big add, have a tank hold it near Deathwing’s plate (WHICH IS THE AREA CLOSEST TO HIS NECK), then someone else hold the other 2 until we need ’em. Since you only need to blow up his plates 3 times, we only kill 3 tentacles to get 3 big adds. Ideally. Essentially killing slimes buffs the big add, so we want to kill 9 slimes near the big add until it does it’s nuclear explosion.

Simple enough?

Ok, so I tried to convince people to listen. We set up markers and all the jazz. First we marked a tentacle as Moon and said “Don’t kill Moon”. Moon died. Oh well, it’s LFR the offtank can handle 3. Then we marked the big add and told people to kill slimes near it until it got 9 stacks of buff. Nope. It died before it hit 5 buffs. Apparently “Stop DPS” means “Keep killing fools”. That’s okay, we still have 2. We get a big add to 9 buffs, and the tank does not move it to the plates. Failed. We run out of big adds. Wipe it.

I requeued after trying to lead this group a couple more times and one-shot 3/4 of the Deathwing encounter until we magically decided to have a Server Restart just as we were killing Kalecgos’ claw on Madness. Oh well. Oh and ranged, PLEASE kill Blistering Tentacles that grow out of Deathwing’s claw in case you have no idea what people are yelling about. Thanks!

It still amazes me the amount of not paying attention that goes on and also the amount of rudeness lately. Yes, Pugs are super super excruciating at times, if you had read my GUILD chat complaints you would have been crying from the profanity. However on the raid side I was trying to be calm and organized and shit but alas, that does not work.

Turby Looking for Rage

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