Warriors so Rowdy

The tenth toon on my character list: Bruny the Warrior. Having seen some of our Warrior Tanks do about 15k DPS tanking, with 80% of their damage coming from 10k Revenge Crits, I had to check this “revenge thing” out.

So apparently, Revenge is an ability that you get to use only in Defensive Stance, and you can use it everytime you dodge/block/parry?

I like this ability, it rewards you for being a good tank. The better your tanking abilities are, the more you are able to use this amazing ability.

Why is it amazing? It’s an instant attack, and with Improved Revenge, it hits a second target all for five rage.

My level 25 warrior is rocking 60-100 dps!!

I know, I was intent on levelling up Bruny as a Fury warrior, but it’s SO much faster just switching to tanking, getting insta-queues and getting my Revenge on everything!

Though when I first queued it took a while to work out all the abilities that I left on my bar.

First there’s Sunder Armor. I heard that was good for threat, so I put it on the same key binding as my druid’s Lacerate. Ok, one down.

Revenge of course, is the next button beside it and I like watching for it to light up.

Cleave. Should I use this? It’s expensive on rage but its nice to well…cleave an extra mob? I’ve been using this less and less though.

Heroic Strike. Single target attack, I tend to only use this on bosses. This is kind of like our Mangle, but on next hit, like Maul. But one target. Hmm.

Shield Block. Using it on every cooldown, kinda like my Paladin’s shield something (let’s your next 8 blocks block more or something) ability.

Shield Slam. Apparently this does no damage and only interrupts DUHH I thought it was damaging, that’s all.

The other abilities at the end of my bar all look the same: Some dude yelling.

I was looking for my Taunt, I forgot if it was 9,0, -, or = so I tried to look at my bar and all the icons involved some dude yelling.

Intimidating Shout, Battle Shout, Fierce Cry, War Cry, Loud Shout, Intimidate. WTF?!?! Why are warriors yelling so much?

Maybe that’s why my rage bar is always empty, this pent up fury is wasted screaming at the top of our lungs every few minutes.

This is a melee class I think I can get used to. We dont’ use Mana, I HATE mana unless I get to Tap it back. That eliminates Paladins and Shamans. I can SEE what abilities I am using. That eliminates DKs. Yes the developer notes reflected some of my thoughts on the DK class. They have TONS of abilities where on their own feel very underwhelming like frost hit, disease hit, some other hit, then use your set-up hit, THEN use your only one attack that actually does good damage AND watch all your disesase AND watch all your runes and the only thing you’re NOT watching is the actual screen. I think a healer spends more time watching the actual raid than a DK just trying to work through 15 seconds of their rotation. But actually spamming random buttons is OKAY but who doesn’t want to be PERFECT especially for DPS since its a race to the sky if you’re down on the charts you should delete your character right?

Thunderclap lights up my entire screen! I did something, it’s tactile, in a pixel sort of way! And that’s all I need! SMASH, it has impact! Sure, you can argue that every other ability so far such as sunder armor and revenge and heroic strike all aren’t very noticeable but…THUNDERCLAP!

The only thing I miss from the Paladin tanking is that ranged taunt that also does damage.

So essentially I went from 17 to 25 or maybe 26 I forget in just a few hours of dungeons and I am proud to say our group did NOT get lost in Wailing Caverns, FINALLY after two years I have learned to navigate this place!

Bruny the Warrior

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