Too Lazy to Melee

The fact that I have to actually physically walk my toon up to some mobs, and position myself behind them is so daunting that my lazy mind, upon logging into my melee characters such as Klupty the Death Knight or Runy the Rogue, I immediately log back out.

So much movement. So lazy. And I have to swing my heavy weapon? If the tank moves the mobs, you have to move with them? What is this nonsense? Why is this game so hard that I have to move? I can’t tab-target because sometimes the next enemy is outside of my melee range and I have to move and reposition and by the time I do that everything is dead and all I effectively did was run circles.

This is why I play a warlock, I get to be lazy, and be lazy for other people.

Disclaimer*: Though playing a Demo Lock requires one to have the same knowledge as melee players, such as which mobs or bosses can cleave because we need to know if it’s safe or not to use Demon-Form and Immolation Aura things to the ground.

Lazy for self: Spam one button at the very least and still do fine and no one will notice.

Lazy for others: Summon stones. If someone just went to repair after the first pull, I don’t want you to walk the 100 yards back to where we left off, I will summon you. I remember having to repair once because we wiped and I setup a stone so they could summon me back and I said cause I was too lazy to mount back to where Ick and Krick were and got some very negative feedback. Hello, free movement? And anyways, there are scary mobs wandering when we rode past them in a rush to begin with. Well f*ck you you want fries with that? I ended up mounting up cause no one knew how to click.

Soulstones. Oh you died no worries just pop back up where you failed.

Death Coil. Don’t worry I’ll heal myself for a bit.

Metamorphosis. I’m too lazy to move or run when a mob is on me, I’ll just up my armor and hope for the best. It’s a fun gamble, I win 75% of the time.

This is why Trial of the Crusader was made for the lazy people. If you position yourself correctly at the VERY first fight and get lucky that no mobs or fire or orbs or spikes chase or attack you, technically you don’t have to move for an ENTIRE raid! Well not really…but you get what I mean.

Ahh so lazy I’m not even sure what I was talking about anymore.

Truny the Lazy

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