Gear Score Update

HA don’t we all hate seeing the words Gear Score? And don’t you hate how I use Gear Score to compare toons?

Well, the way I use Gear Score is more of a quantifiable comparison between my own toons.

I know full well their potential.

For example: Truny has a score of 5200. Warlock. Turby the Hunter has a score of 4,750 but his DPS is over 1,500 higher than Truny just for being a Survival Hunter. Imagine the potential of a very well geared Hunter? In short, for Raids my Hunter still trumps my Warlocks, for short bursty burstness, Seed of Corruption and Decimation!!!

In secret, I’m trying to see what the highest possible number I can get out of this system as a non-raider. It looks like this number is around 5400-5500. (All items must be proper and optimal for spec, no cheating with useless trinkets and PVP gear).

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