Krick and Ick

I love this boss.

The key to success is mobility, something that I’ve learned to use on all my mains.

Let’s see what his ingredients are comprised of:

Poison Splotches: Stay out of them or I do not heal you!
Poison Nova: Run away, you are not immortal!
Pursuit: Run away, he will SQUISH you!
Arcane Bombs: I find this part very amusing! Keep moving, and pre-plan where you are going to run to next!

It’s one thing to know how to avoid all of the things I listed, but the important part is to continue to excel at your role while avoiding all of those things.

Poison Pools? Sidestep and continue. Heck you can pre-sidestep when you see it flying towards you.
Poison Nova? I dunno I’m not melee. Run away there’s plenty of time to do so!
Pursuited? On my hunter I can continue to shoot him by using my mouse to turn myself around as I jump. Learned via PVP. On my Warlock I would pre-set a Summoning Circle and throw on some DoTs. As a Tree, I’m always moving anyways so it doesn’t matter!
Arcane Bombs? Same deal, the hunter can continue to use his insta-casts. Warlocks can actually do a quick cast before the bombs bloom fully so I’d move cast, move, cast, etc.

Most people avoid all the damage but they fail to perform any extra action while doing so.

AND this is the first boss after Heroic Ingvar the Plunderer to drop a Crossbow! (Pics to come!)

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