I Was One of "Them"

Turby and Truny are (still) shaking their heads in SHAME and DISBELIEF as I type this.



I tried to play on my Death Knight yesterday. You know how well THAT goes.

I tried out the group generator (and so it shall be called henceforth) yesterday on my lowbie lowbie Paladin and was thrown into SM Cath. And Omg AoE damage for the win. Then I hopped onto Druny, yes you remember Druny who was featured N-months ago? Well she finally hit 16 I think, or is it 15? Well, she gained a level and learned Flamestrike so that should be interesting when she finally finds a group for SFK.

Anyways, who else to play? Hey why not my “bank-alt” Klupty.

Yes, a level 80 Bank-Alt.

“Join as DPS”……”You may enter this dungeon”.

It was Halls of Lightning, though that is just a minor detail as it would not have mattered what the random dungeon is. I can’t play my DK.

He did pull out a respectable 2k consistent DPS throughout the entire dungeon but it just felt wrong and oh so slow.

And 2K? Wow…that’s like…as if Turby was auto-attacking or if all Truny did was cast Incinerate with no buffs….

What is with all this setup?

Icy Touch for that ice disease.
Plague Strike for that other disease.
Blood Strike to use up my runes so I can strike more.
Then Obliterate/Frost Strike/Howling Blast at leisure.

SO much setup. And knowing how geared most groups are nowadays the fights are like this:

Icy Touch. Plague Strike Pestilence. Oh they are all dead. Change strategy.
Blood Boil. Blood Boil. Gah its weak without diseases but as seen from before it is way too slow!

And why was I drawing aggro from a Pally tank?? With my first attack??

And what’s with Melee DPS? First you have to actually WALK up to the mob and PRAY that they do not run around and try to spam those buttons while all “Being in Range of that Target” its just annoying I tell you.

Bear Tanking is different. I charge them and they all STICK to me and Swipe hits EVERYTHING!

I don’t know, maybe its the mechanics of melee dps that I do not like. I mean, I clearly hit that mob SEVEN times (Dual wield, plus each weapon striking, plus the disease), but I only see ONE damagey number on the screen? Why? It feels so empty! Just like playing a combat rogue, though most of the time you missed is all.

Perhaps I am missing the feedback. With a Feral Kitty you can hear and almost feel the distinct “pow” from each Mangle or Claw or Bite but DK strikes are just like “Swoosh there it goes, you did damage but it felt like you were tickling whatever you are attacking”.

Grrr I’ll try again today!

Klupty the Jewelcrafting Slave

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