Priesty Beginnings

Remember how I had deleted my Priest because I thought they levelled way too slow?

And remember how I had to delete my Warrior to remake another Priest because I thought I wanted a priest again?

Well, my remade priest is TADA now level 14! Yes! Already caught up to my level 14 Mage!

I think one thing I can not stand are cast times. Especially when your spell with a cast time does not decimate the mob in one shot.

I like mobility.

Sure Ice Nova is instant but then I’d still have to stand around and cast…but wait! I completely forgot about the WANDS!

That’s what made the difference on my priest. I had actually remembered to buy her a wand, and essentially how I down mobs is: Mind Blast, Shadow Word: Pain (words hey?), WAND YOU TO DEATH!!

Sometimes if I’m feeling brave I’ll throw on that shield and DOT up another mob and slowly whittle their health away.

The wand made a difference, it’s constant white damage, no standing around, no being pushbacked or interrupted. And NO MANA USEAGE!! (Even though the very first Shadow Talent practically gaurantees a full mana bar after each kill with my sparing mana usage).

So I’m going to try something today with my mage: Wanding things to death!

Or maybe its just because I love shadow based damage over time instant cast spells…….

Husbrus the Priest

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