Rotations, Routine

Do you have a dps toon at max level? Do they have some sort of casting rotation? Thought so.

It gets boring after a while, regardless of the encounter. Despite being physically on a pixel level, in a different location, your button presses remain more or less the same.

Random gripes thats all, maybe I should PVP if I wanted some element of change. Or danger.

I liked levelling up from ground 0. Our spells and abilities are limited and our talents are premature, which allows us to sometimes just randomly attack mobs.

Think back to level 1. You’re a warlock. You’d cast shadowbolt then realize spamming it would waste your mana so what do you do? Yeah! Stabbity stab that wolf down!

Soon you gain curses, you can throw curses all over the place, or you can curse and stab, or curse and shadowbolt, optimalistic thoughts out the window.

Enjoy it while it lasts because pretty soon the basic concept comes into play for ALL classes (I think).

1. Make sure your dots are on the target. (Curse, Corruption, Serpent Sting, Death Knight Diseases, Feral Bleeds) See the pattern. Keep them up.

2. Use your one short cooldown ability which boosts your other abilities (Immolate, Mangle, Black Arrow, Keep Blood Runes Busy, etc). Keep them up whenever possible.

3. Fill with your nukes and watch for procs (ok this one is exceptional since its a given), spend your resources wisely while waiting to refill # 1 and 2.

4. Blow Cooldowns, if you have any.

5. Dance.

Sure, we adapt to what’s most optimal for what we have but….there isn’t much extraneous adapting to do which changes our rotations dramatically like “omg I can only cast Searing Pain cause we have to use only our highest threat abilities”.

Even when running around in highly mobile fights we find ourselves trying to stick to our rotations.

But then again I don’t see why we wouldn’t use our most optimal cast priority…sigh the less you know…

See, that odd person in the group may be doing 800 dps but perhaps….just perhaps they are having the time of their lives being untalented, unglyphed, and autoattacking!

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