Whisper: H BM?

Long long time ago…

Whisper : H BM?

Me: What?? I’ll just ignore them.

MONTHS and months later I realized that someone was trying to invite me to run Heroic Black Morass with them.

I was level 72 at the time. First fresh Hunter. The only instance I had ACTUALLY ran with an actual group was Sunken Temple. All the rest, I was accompanied by my friend’s GODLY level 39 warrior, and or GODLY level 70 Rogue (OMG 70!)

I was nowhere close to Black Morass, heck I didn’t even know that the Cavern of Time had instances in it.

Fresh. Nooby. First character.

What I had really thought when I saw that odd question was: “Why is he asking me if I am an H Beast Mastery? How did they know my spec? What’s the H for?”

Heroic Beast Master?

Yeah..we are heroes in this world…and I am specced just so.


I was not very social while levelling my Hunter, and it was not until Outlands until I began running Auchinduon to level up and blast into Northrend where I just quested. I do not remember doing a lot of Dungeons.

I had grinded enough Heroic Rep for the Rep-Epics, before the time of Ulduar and Purple Rain and that was it. In the background, Truny my warlock was slowly levelling until one day Turby took a break and Truny took over.

Truny was way more social. She received the dungeon achiements before my Hunter, and had cleared more raid content (albeit very little but still more) than Turby as well.

Maybe because Warlock dps was undisputable.

Then came the storm. And a new tier. Now we see people doing 4-5k dps just doing nothing, as I saw on my meters a few days ago standing around blasting bosses.

That was scary. 3k dps is my max. Anything higher is asshattery.

Ok once again I had lost my train of thought and original topic.

Oh yes.

When on my “lower” level toons nowadays, I learned to spam for additional group members using the ACTUAL name of instances. Such as “LFM Blackfathom Deeps, Razorfen Kraul, Draktharon Keep”.

Because not everyone knows what the hell all these stupid acronyms are!!

BFD: Best Friend’s Dead??
SFK: Shut the Fuck Kup
DTK: In’t it TKO??

Yes I’m weird making up acronyms for everything…more on that later!

Turby the Hunter

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