Death Knight Tanking

It seems every single time I log into my Death Knight Klupty, I go and do some respeccing.

Klupty’s respec fee is up to 20 Gold now. That is a LOT, considering all my other toons have maybe respecced ONCE.

I had tried out blood (apparently back in October 4th), and had cleared Old Kingdom (apparently, when I did not get the achievement yesterday), and didn’t like it.

Sure my HP is always full but it felt…odd compared to frost.

So I respecced back to Frost DPS back then.

I then respecced to Frost Tanking, just so I can be of “some use” while levelling, at least having a chance to join an instance.

I read a comment yesterday which made me cringe: “I’ll tank. I’m frost”.

Oh. My. God.

I am frost too…but this guy as I checked his Armory…because I had a bad vibe from him, had all his talents in Frost. None devoted to Anticipation or Blade Barrier..err….


So, respecced frost and did some tanking and felt quite squishy. We never wiped nor did I ever die but still felt squishy, but at least: Progress.

Klupty has zoomed from 72 to 76 now! AIY!

On a side note: With the same group, I tried out Turny’s Bear tanking and I felt much safer behind all his HP, which by the way is at 31k, 27k armor and 37% dodge now. And also swipe and maul is OP. I love swiping! Swiper No Swiping!


MAYBE I will try to tank some heroics with Turny now. I mean gear-wise I am on average well over 200, the maximum back in the day and just….maul and swipe and lacerate and sh*t, right?


Klupty and Turny the Tanks

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