April Nighthold and Mimiron’s Head

My attempt to stay active in blog has resulted in an intricate intertwined string of events that led me to be more active in game, which led to more mounts that I have been farming for years on end finally rearing their ugly (Mimiron’s) head. Though I would not say Mimiron’s Head is ugly.

Yes I still can’t believe within a week I am free from Mogushan Vaults and Ulduar (FOREVER)!!

While the discrete act of mount farming can no longer result in the serendipitous joy of a random drop, a drop is a drop. We are free. Going back to my old old checklist at the beginning of the year:

1. Do Mogu’shan Vaults for Elegon mount.
2. Do Nalak for mount.
3. Do Sha of Anger for mount.
4. Do Zul’Gurub for raptor mount  (Finally dropped this week!!)
5. Do Ulduar for Mimiron Head
6. Do ICC for Invincible
7. Do DS for Blazing Drake (with 7 lockouts)
8. New activity: Do Rukhmar for mount.
9. New activity: Mythic Garrosh Mount. Luckily I grinded out Mythic Blackhand/Archimonde when they were still 100%
10. New activity: Do Horridon for mount.
11. New activity: Do Ji’kun for mount.
12. New activity: Prod WoD garrison invasions for missing mounts.

Nigthold Updates

We are now 8/10 Heroic, with Elisande now on “progression” (while we haven’t even seen the fight yet) and Truny is a solid 895 and has finally obtained her 4-Piece bonus which skyrocketed her damage. If there was anything else to distinguish the fine line between gear and skill is how Legion handles tier and legendary drops.

Basically you could be an amazing player, but without your 4P you can’t keep up with anyone so strive for that 4P, endure RNGsus’ wrath. I could NOT break over 500k without the 4P, and it just comes naturally with.

Now all I need is a legendary item that BOOSTS DPS.

The destruction 4P gives us faster Conflag cool-downs, and one more charge of Conflag. I’m also starting to see a theme here where Blizzard is trying to force loving Conflag down our throats, what with there being multiple gold traits that buff Conflag.

Seriously why shouldn’t our “main” thing be Chaos Bolt? Conflag was and still is just a means to generate shards, while the damage has gone way up now in Legion it doesn’t feel like wasted time casting it.

I am still using two utility legendaries, while I would argue I love ’em and here is where I found the greatest use out of them for all of the heroic bosses (regular is now too trivial to care for).

Pillars of the Dark Portal: Great for leaping great distances.

Scorpion: no use.
Tichondrius: green circle clearing (in style)
Tichondrius: moving to other side of room with debuff (in style)
Chronowhatever: moving to the add that spawns on the side
Krosus: moving to cover his ember mob spawn mechanic
Trillax: getting the cakes.
Trillax: getting out of the laser.
Aluriel: no use.
Star Auger: leaping out when surrounded by fel.
Tel’arn: purple of doom/fire of doom escaping
Elisande: TBD
Guldan: TBD

Norgannon’s Foresight: We can move while casting again, sort of.

Scorpion: Moving out of focused blast.
Chronowhatever: Whenever you need to sidestep.
Trillax: N/A, can’t stay still long enough for laser phase.
Aluriel: N/A
Auger: Moving out ice or moving out of fel.
Tel’arn: Every goddamn mechanic he has!
Krosus: Laser beams dodging!
Tichondrius: Not really important, but moving to pillars?

I will most likely replace the Pillars if I were to (finally) get either the shoulders of belt, though I will greatly miss being able to have the longest distance instant travel in game (confirmed?).


Turny Druid: 110 – 872. He’s ready to do old raids!
Trueny DH: 110 – 845. He’s sort of ready to do old raids. And DH are really fun and slick to play.
Turby Hunter: 105 – 705. Not ready. Levelling up and giving Marksman a shot.
Klupty DK: 105 – ???. Same as above, but as Frost.

I have no plans for my alts, not even LFR plans…just…getting them up because they dserve it! While Legion seems really annoying for alts, once you hit 110 you open up a “free” world of choices, and gearing up through WQs feels “appropriate”. Also you basically get your first legendary for free within a day of dinging 110.

Now I shall also try to have at least one image per post to end this off awkwardly and abruptly!

Truny the Free From Ulduar Forever

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