Wow, I haven’t updated since JANUARY?

Not much to talk about. I am still doing the same old routine.

Horde 100’s

1. Do Mogu’shan Vaults for Elegon mount.
2. Do Nalak for mount.
3. Do Sha of Anger for mount.
4. Do Zul’Gurub for raptor mount  (Finally dropped this week!!)
5. Do Ulduar for Mimiron Head
6. Do ICC for Invincible
7. Do other things probably mount related.
8. Sometimes wait for Nalak when i’m refilling my Mogu Runes of Fates for Nalak.
9. Do ONE Timewalking for the 500 coins on my druid everytime Timewalking appears.

My transmog game is pretty strong, and my bags/bank are pretty much 100% full. Hopefully Legion brings the cloud storage to fruition.

Alliance Lowbies

I made a new hunter on a secret server on Alliance side and am enjoying questing through content I’ve never seen before

That’s about it, nothing new. I will post some screenshots of random stuff though if anyone cares (I DO).

Turny the Tree

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