World of Warcraft: Legion – Semi Knee-Jerk Analysis

This was the game everyone has been waiting for and wanted and what Wrathion had predicted back in MoP: The Burning Legion returns!

As a warlock I am supposed to be ultra-hyped for this new xpac, as I adore everything demonic and with the introduction of Demon Hunters, what will happen to the Demo Warlock spec? 2 classes that can turn into demons? If so I demand we get to become more “castery” demons while the Demon Hunters be melee demons and we can all have demon dance offs!

Due to the lackluster taste WoD left in many of our mouths, my initial reaction to this xpac announcement was:

“Hey all you ‘I started in BC’ folk, come love us again”

Artifact Weapons

Aka: We don’t need to design/animate for weapon models for the entire xpac. This saves resources on the business side yet I do commend the team for adapting what I loved about LOTRO and that is a weapon that grows with you.

It appears WoW’s weapons are not as indepth in terms of customizing them with runes but there are talent trees tied in, hopefully not as shallow as our own “every 15 levels “talents””.

Even with the multiple skins, as long as one other person has it then it is not “cool”/unique and if everyone is wielding an artifact of Legend… this a single player game or an MMO?

Artifact weapons immediately gives every single person “something to do”, though how they manage how far/fast you can grind up your weapon may become a concern. Eg. People who play 24/7 may have their weapon maxed before we’ve even downloaded the game.

I know personally this would already make me want to run dungeons since there’s a slow stream of “progress”, perhaps this will fill the Valor Point void as WoD certainly lacked any sense of external character progression outside of the RNG based raids.

Are there meaningful caps to how fast weapons can be ground out? Are they tied to our level? Could be interesting but need more info on how the weapon progression works.

Also I expect a HUGE release of all the warlock info especially how Demo is changing.

Demon Hunters

Sounds cool I’ll make one but what of Demonology Warlocks? Dat double jump tho.

Honor Hall

As a warlock, why would I want to hang out with other warlocks? I hate them they steal my cloth gear, heck fewer people should play warlocks.

Seriously though, I hope we get demons as our champions. You know what just copy what FF14 does with retainers a lot of issues would have been resolved if LOTRO had been copied many years ago.

The game has seriously lacked class identity with the culling of skills and all that jazz. Class halls may bring meaning back to the various classes and it is a great concept to have all the different classes united under one single purpose.

Maiev is Back

She was my favourite hero in WC3 and I occasionally visit her in her prison in old Outlands so it’ll be nice to catch up again.

My Most Hyped and Hence Bolded Point

TRANSMOG SPACE! See as a warlock, I NEED every single 1H sword, 1H wand, Off-Hand, Staff for myself, and every 2H mace, 2H sword, 2H axe, polearm for my Wrathguard.

Depending on how this plays out this may open up all 160 of my void storage slots and at LEAST 200 of my bank slots! HYPE!

Unanswered Questions

  1. What of professions? Are they still gimped?
  2. Are factions meaningful?
  3. New spells/abilities? Talent tree revamps?
  4. Can we start flying at 110? I don’t mind the grounded content though.
  5. Why Dalaran again? Oh well.
  6. Any intent to change the “drop in drop out” attitude of the community?
  7. Any new battle pets?
  8. New mounts that will blow our minds?
  9. Scenarios return?
  10. Honor hall invasions?
  11. Remove x-realm zones???
  12. How’s exploration?
  13. Is gear going to be not bull-shit RNG with crap secondary stats? Where an ilvl 640 may be better than a 665?

Hype Level 4.5/10

I have a borderline skeptical good feeling about this expansion but due to the blah that is WoD right now I bet the hype won’t hit until actual game play. We also need more info.
Truny for the Legion

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