Battle Pets for Warlocks: 3rd Installment

With all the craziness that WoD has brought upon us I have massively delayed a lot of my “fun times” posts. I also haven’t posted a lot of screenshots for you guys. So without further ado: Warlock Battle Pets 3rd rendition!

Raiding With Leashes 3 sends us into the long anticipated pet collecting raids of BT, Sunwell, and Hyjal Summit and since these were core BC raids we are sure to expect a lot of demonic pets.

First and foremost is Abyssius! I have waited for a long time to be able to bring this amazing blue Abyssal around with me. It will occasionally tense up and break apart, and put itself together again. He is a drop from 2nd boss in Black Temple, so get cracking if you’ve just started your hunt!

Next is the Eye of Observation. Remember Durumu from ToT? Do you like hanging out with your Eye of Kilrogg? Well fret no more for now you can have your very own eye as well. This dude drops off a “rare” mob and you’ll encounter him in Shattrath (maybe go during an Apexis daily if anyone still does those).

Next we have the Servant of Demidos. This guy is a rare spawn who respawns every few hours in Shadowmoon Valley. You can only claim a true loot once per day per toon, so if you feel like it you can camp a toon by his spawn point and hope for this amazing looking voidwalker to spawn!

Finally, we can’t talk pets without talking about puppies amirite? One of the drops in Sunwell is the Chaos Pup. He occasionally runs around all puppy like as well, aww demonically cute!

Did I miss any? I purposely skipped the Imps and Grells cause we get enough of them helping us out as Demo as it is!

Until next time!

Truny the Needs More Demons

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