Saying Goodbye to the Vale

What can I say it’s been a great run. I think we as members of the evaporating Horde have learned a lot about ourselves. We were born to fight and having since adventured so extensively upon the mysterious land of Pandaria I think we’ve found the answer to the question” “What is worth fighting for?”

Bullshit drop-rate gear that never ever drops that’s what!

No just kidding.

We just finished off our very last Lei Shen kill of the tier, and I’d have to say this last run through I am not going to miss any of the 12 bosses and their bullshit drop rates. Just joking again. Can you sense the bitterness?

I think it’s officially time to say goodbye to the Vale. Goodbye to the days of farming for Alani’s poop pieces, goodbye to lazily mining ghost iron, goodbye to dailies which we can now finish in 5 minutes by pulling every single mob in the zone and using Fire and Brimstone to mow them down like the scum that they are.

We will be busy next patch. Our “boss” Garrosh is up to no good and he must be stopped before he consumes all of Kalimdor, and soon, the whole of Azeroth. I just have to ask, where the fuck were we when he dug up the heart of Ysarrj? I know where, NOT logged in or busy taking down Lei Shen that’s where! Why didn’t Taran Zhu call us? Or text us?

I have no news of the patch that will hit tomorrow other than a brief idea of what I will be doing: Collecting the new pets, and first priority is finishing off my Val’anyr, Hammer of the Ancient Kings (separate post pending once we finish).

I also know what I will NOT be doing next patch:

1. LFR. No more LFR. It ruins the raiding experience in that my very first exposure to a new raid is now shared with 24 idiots rather than competent people whom I’d like to actually raid with.

Oh wait, remember what happened in this expansion? LFR is pretty much the only “content” we have so….well…that’s the 1 thing I am not doing. Perhaps I will take a leisurely stroll through this new “Timeless Isle” people are talking about. We will see we will see.

In other news, game cameo: Does anyone else play a mobile game called Defender of Texel? It’s a little RPG i’ve been playing, you know…your typical collect 9 pixel fighters, place them onto a 3 x 3 grid, swipe them for glory type of thing. Here’s a little gif I made of one of the legendary fighters, Nanaya, the Legendary Cannon Crab.

“I’m a crab with a cannon on my head. Your argument is invalid”

Truny the Invalid

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