Progression Update

Hello Again,

Not that anyone gives a Borean Marmot’s ass about my raiding progression, I think I skipped last week so here we go.

Durumu is dead. Oh wait and Primordius got one shot. God why would boss #8 be so easy?

We’ve now officially locked ourselves to Dark Animus and onwards for the sake of progession and the feat of strength.

I am also officially 100% done with LFR (a very awkward and eyebrow raising statement for the devs). With the last secret of the empire, I went and facerolled my way to the ilvl 600 cape. This cape I believe, helped me rank on both Jinrokh and uhh who else was it….oh Tortos (gimmick fight with lots of bats).

So I’ve officially only ranked on 3 bosses, and was looking forward to doing Primordius BUT we accidentally face-pulled him and he died before I could re-spec so…whatever!

Actually now that I think of it I guess I don’t have that much to update, peace out!

Truny the Capeful

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