MoP LFR Tips: Throne of Thunder – 3rd Wing: Halls of Flesh-Shaping

Oh hello my one reader,

Sorry for the delay as I had meant to put these tips up to ease the madness that is LFR for us all last week but I was busy so yes here we go.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the horror stories you hear about Durumu, as the 3rd wing is probably the easiest and quickest LFR wing since MV 1st half.


Again, I will highlight the IMPORTANT things that you will SEE so we wont’ be boggled by spell names or abilities and that other shit. Unfortunately, they put “real” raid mechanics into Durumu so I may appear quite long-winded starting now:

1. Stuff on the ground. Occasionally Durumu will target random people and shoot poop at them. Once the poop hits it leaves a pool on the ground. Try to move to the outer edge if it targets you.

2. Colored beams. The colored beams, red, blue, and yellow are essentially radars, if you are targetted by red or blue, run around the platform until a mist beasts appears then kill it. The yellow beam will move by itself.

3. Once all three colored beasts are dead, I recommend running to the face of the boss where he will then start to cast his deadly laser of DOOM.

3a. Durumu will start preparing a giant laser in front of him that WILL ONE SHOT whoever touches it, AND he..

3b. …summons gas all around the room with hard to see gaps in them. There are two “mazes” of open area, one for ranged, and one for melee. I tend to follow the one in melee as I can follow the boss’s movements. Essentially go for where the gas seems to the thinnest in density.

3c. SO. As he is preparing his laser, gas will fill up on both sides of him and here is where you PAY ATTENTION. Watch for the ground to either the left or right of his laser (it is safe to stand on the laser now), and you will see little squiggles on the ground. THIS DENOTES THE SAFE ZONE and also the direction in which he will turn. If the squiggles are on the right, start going to the right as he will start turning that way and as gas fills, the mazes will start to form on the right. This will pretty much “determine” (get it hahaha) the success of the group.

4. No matter how many stacks of Determination you get, you will still get one shot by his laser, so keep moving. If you can’t see exactly where the next section of the maze is, pop a CD and GUESS.

5. I believe the developers are looking to make the safe spots more visible, but in the meanwhile maybe try turning down your graphics, but also note the following sequence of events leading up to his laser so you’ll know when to expect it.

6. The good thing is if you have enough people alive, half the raid can be dead and you can still kill him.

7. Best to ask who knows where to go, mark them, then follow them!


If you’ve made it to Primordius you are in the clear, however here is a quick overview of what you should do for success:

1. Tanks kite Primordius around the room.

2. DPS kill slimes and stand in their residue until you are turned into a Saurok.

That’s it.

Some may choose to leave Primordius standing, but slimes reach him faster this way and he ‘ll do increased damage AND us warlocks won’t have a large group of slimes to cast rain of fire on for endless embers.

Dark Animus

These last two fights as you can see…are substantially easier to go through than Durumu. Less trash too!

1. Slowly kill the small little golems around the room. This may need to be communicated to everyone.

2. Focus down any medium golems which spawn after they absorb the energy from the dead small golems.

3. Focus down big golems and medium golems, and once the boss activates focus on him as he’ll eat the remaining golems.

4. Stay out of animus rings and puddles. Pew pew.

Hopefully this sort of helps you acquire your 90 VP in a more better manner (yes, more better).

Truny the Sort of Helpful

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