Blood and Thunder

I had discovered an interesting little shrine in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and couple weeks ago, which detailed the origins of our beloved rare Thundering Cloud Serpent Alani. This got me thinking to the popular Horde phase of “Blood and Thunder”. Is there some intricate web of history and lore that ties the origins of the horde and the burning legion straight to the land of Pandaria?

Alani was born out of warfare. Well, moreso exploded out of a bloody lake after it was struck by lightning.

Is there some scandal brewing here? Or perhaps the ideal of blood and thunder is just a common theme for Blizzard designers? Or is this ANOTHER cultural reference that I am not getting? Wrathion did hint at fel meteors striking Azeroth, but how does this relate to events that have happened in the past that could tie Pandaria to the burning legion.

I thought Emperor Shaohao had shrouded the lands in mist before the well of eternity exploded?

I think the only way for me to find an answer to this riddle is to continue to eviscerate every living creature other than the Pandarens in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, collect 7 more Skyshards and ask Alani myself!


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