Cross-Realm Zones

I dislike the new cross-realm zones, which constitutes probably ALL the zones out there.

The shiny excuse is that these zones are underpopulated and players lack socialization and all that jazz. Right? No!

I believe this cross-realm BS was implemented to lighten the sever load once MOP hits. That’s it.

You see, I grew up post-WotLK launch. I levelled to 80 pretty much in complete silence. Azshara was MY zone for a brief period of time in 2008.

Ok you know what I am going to get straight to the point

Cross realm zones suck because it increases the competition for rare-spawns, especially the various dragon mounts that consume much time. Now I am not an avid camper, I have rarely wasted any time camping anything since it’s a) boring and b) my attention span does not allow me to do so, but I do make my daily route around Storm Peaks and Deepholm for the occasional chance at glimpsing these rares.

Cross realm-ness has MY Storm Peaks filled with lame other players from Zangarmarsh, Thrall, and I am not even sure if it is myself who has become the intruder into their realms?

This is an issue. Storm Peaks has gone from an average of 1 or 2 people on at the time that I do my daily routes to around SEVEN HUNDRED, there are probably FIFTY people from each faction gathered at EACH of the spawn points at any given time of day! I may or may not be exaggerating but anything more than ONE is no good.

Now I ask, why does a game which has promoted the exclusion and separation of other humans via random dungeon queues, improved anonymous LFR looting and anonymous pet battles now promote the sharing of zones? It makes no sense! Why would I even want to chat with someone who will potentially steal MY rare? See the issue here? I am stealing THEIR rare as well, they could probably care less about seeing me!

Besides rare hunting, which will be PROLIFIC in MoP since we have already hunted ALL the rares up to Cata, this COULD benefit people levelling up but COME ON, seriously think when was the last time you had trouble doing a quest in WoW? There’s no such thing as group quests or elites, or anything that involves much brain power while levelling and anyone else out in the field is just seen as a hindrance to your fast progression right?

So in conclusion, if the rare spawn mount in MoP has any chance of looking BETTER than the heroic or raid meta mounts, and if I happened to find this rare, then I would probably not give a flying baboon’s arse about cross-realm zones. Otherwise, good luck hunting with the THOUSANDS of others in YOUR zone.

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