N’zoth’s True Hiding Place

Ever since the realization that a lot of the cata story lines are going to end un-finished and unexplained, one of the major threads that still bug me is the whereabouts or status of N’zoth.

Neptulon and Ozumat are probably a writeoff. Perhaps they will show up in the future, they got married and had half-breed octopus-demi-god children. Who knows.

I’ve been wracking my brain as to where the heck N’zoth could be. We defeated his lieutenants, and we defeated his vessel for destruction, Deathwing, but…where is this old god hiding? Is he under the sea? Waiting and whispering?


Alright my dear reader, think back to the final cut-scene from deathwing’s demise. The aspects become mortal yadda yadda, Aggra strolls up to Thrall as if nothing happened, blah blah blah Alextrasza off-handedly mentions that new life will begin and touches Aggra’s stomach…THERE!

N’zoth has possessed Aggra’s baby!!!

Deathwing was a formidable tool, however he is a mere dragon aspect, and perhaps the only way to accomplish his means was to utilize mortals. We love being mortal, and what can get more mortal than Thrall’s son/daughter?

I’m not sure if there are going to be a series of behind the scenes novels about Aggra and Thrall while we are all romping away in Pandaria, but I bet this baby will show up corrupted along with Neptulon and Ozumat’s offspring to wreak havoc upon the Emerald Dream!

Truny the WTF Lore

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