Fun with Orb of the Blackwhelp

Whelps need MORE claws!

If there is one thing I would like to have “accomplished” before Mists, it is to have 11,000 achievement points on Turby before we set foot in a whole new world.

In my trek to clean up some of the “easier” achievements, I decided to do the Loremaster ones. Aka quest *shudder*.

My progression in BC brought me to blade’s edge and everything was going swimmingly until one quest led me to a mysterious vendor in a cave who sells the Orb of the Blackwhelp. My first reaction to my discovery was “Ohh, so this is where I can get one of these”, and my next reaction was “oh crap, he’s attacking me!” Then my next reaction as I put my costume on again: OMG WHELP WITH WEAPONS ATTACHED! HAHAHA! It seems that the only way for me to show my weapons unsheathed was to get into melee combat and feign while my weapon is still sheathed, THEN activate the orb. I tried this at ranged, and it showed the whelpling holding a bow!

With Staff of Thane Thaurissan

  The sad part is that this orb only has 3 charges, and can only be obtained while on this specific quest chain, AND you are only able to carry one orb on you at any given time! Luckily you can farm multiple “disguises”, which are used to talk to the vendor to sell these. Which means I probably won’t be able to finish Outlands Loremaster because of this but…whatever!

Thunderfury Whelp is NOT Legendary!

Turby the Whelp

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