Why Visual Input is Important

I may or may not have complained about SWTOR’s gameplay feel via the distinct disjointedness of my button presses to what I see on screen, but I realized how this flowed through to affect my enjoyment of my warlock!

Just to re-iterate on my SW:TOR experience, let me transpose my trooper’s abilities onto an existing warlock just so you know what I’m talking about.

Alright, pretend you see a mean enemy and you want it dead now. You cast shadowbolt at it to kill it! As you are casting shadowbolt, the enemy detects you and starts running at you! WHAT? How? Now from what we are used to, the enemy will take 100 points of damage when the shadow bolt lands. Their red health bar SHOULD go from X to X-100 when the bolt touches them. However, this is SWTOR, so the enemy has ALREADY taken 100 points of damage while your shadowbolt was in mid flight, however the visual display shows your shadowbolt split into 3 points of damage, 33, 34, 33. You see these 3 numbers and expect their health bar to go down in those little increments, but when look at the enemy’s health bar, but it has already gone down in the entire 100 chunk. Does this annoy anyone else???


Since my Warlock has now been re-instated into “active main” status, I am doing everything I did on my hunter, but on my warlock…now. One of the first things on my list was to knock off the Cata dungeon hero achievements, so I queued up for whichever dungeon I could possibly “solo/rely upon myself” to complete and went on my way.

It was in deadmines that I noticed something weird, I was doing 28k DPS on the bosses, but I didn’t “feel” like I was that strong. I pushed all my buttons correctly, lined up my soulfires and soulburns, kept my ISF up had my dots up, but something was off.

I had dot and pet damage turned on.

Because of ALL THE GODDAMN dots that I use, along with my pet’s damage and also the dot that our pet leaves my target, all I see are dot ticks and my imp’s fireball damage popping up on screen. It’s not very glorifying to see 5,000, 10,000, 1,532, etc etc. However, I was maintaining 25k+ damage on this target!

Now I must break off and talk about my hunter. A hunter has a single dot and a pet that does not leave a dot on the target. Our attacks are straight-forward and hard hitting. Kill Command, Arcane Shot. On a regular boss pull I’ll use my cooldown and see number such as: 75,000, 25,000, 25,000, 15,000, 60,000 etc etc etc. It’s a little more reassuring than seeing little iddy bitty dot numbers tick away.

I turned off my dot damage.

Aha! So I see that my incinerates are actually hitting for 25k and critting upwards of 50k! Aha my conflagration hits pretty hard. Ohh, so Chaos Bolt still kinda sucks…..

Everything made sense again! In my mind, I was still stuck in early Cata when our shadowbolts and soulfires were quite lack lustre, hitting for 8k and critting for 16k so I had assumed that my incinerates were just hitting for something along the lines of 15k.

Now I must talk about Beta. The preview of our future talent trees (no matter how deadly simple or incomplete they are) is one of the driving forces behind my warlock’s return. Our convuluted set-up spells are pretty much gone, our pets are sound, and –we can see our nuke damage without it being covered by dot damage—!!

 So yeah, the end!

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