Warlock T13 Bonuses Babble

Warlocks did not receive a lot of love this expansion what with mana drain being removed, our pets gone awry, and our new and fresh mechanic being as interesting as the extra bags slots said mechanic saved us. I completed  my four piece T13 several weeks ago and to fully utilize it I decided to unspec out of my long time favourite spec of Demonology and go back to my originaln spec of Destruction, which actually uses (if not forced to) Soulfire in its rotation.

Warlock T13 Bonuses

2 Piece – The cooldown of our Summon Infernal/Doomguard is reduced by 4 minutes down to 6 minutes. And they fight for an additional 30 seconds.

4 Piece – Soulburn grants us 10% spellpower for 10 seconds. And Soulfires cast with soulburn return a soul shard.

What does it mean?

Well, I see the warlock T13 as a merely a means of “fixing” our mechanics a little bit to satiate us until the next expansion. (Though the creepy tentacley face design is awesome). The cooldown for our guardians was way too long and did not reset when we died, which makes the 2P pretty much as mandatory as a mandatory talent point that one should obtain. No good. Though this change allows me to use my guardian more frequently rather than saving it for fights where I know we won’t die within the next 10 minutes. The 2 piece is pretty much a “fix”.

The four piece bonus is interesting, it pretty much gives us another short cooldown, a very nice touch and it builds into the Destruction rotation very well. The free soulfire every 45 seconds sometimes lands just at the right time so that I don’t have to hardcast a soulfire (improved soulfire qq anyone?). The 4 piece is pretty much a “fix” to make us use soulburn more often.

How I see the 4 piece bonus for demonology and affliction is that they will also be burning off their soulburns with soulfires just for the hell of it to get their soul shard back. This would be rather odd since affliction never uses soulfire, and demonology only uses it during decimation phase. Perhaps I shall just macro soulburn + soulfire together and forget about it, the only other time I use it is for seed of corruption in affliction mode or to bring back my silly pet from the nether.

I also won’t be going back to Demonology until Mists of Pandaria, when my Felguard or new demon reigns supreme and not just an AOE slave.

Truny the Warlock

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