Truny’s Epic Summary of the Dragon Soul 5 Mans

Patch 4.3 hit yesterday and everyone was in a clamour to try out the new Raid Finder and also dabble amongst the various flows of time in the Dragon Soul 5 mans.

As my hunter had absolutely no need for the upgrades in the new dungeons, I sent Truny the Warlock to gear up. She made some great progress going from 366 to 372 in mere hours.

Let’s start at the first dungeon shall we:

End Time

Echo of Bain: Tank and Melee on one platform, heals and ranged on another. (I tanked him on my druid actually). He’ll shatter a platform, swim to another, get him away from lava and dispel the magic. He throws a totem, click it and throw it back at him to stun him. Done.

Echo of Sylvanas: Once again Sylvanas remains the envy of hunters all ’round Azeroth and she deserves the longest explanation. She has some potent attacks, including a shot that leaves an undispellable dot that ticks for about 25k every 2 seconds. Dodge her “thing on the ground” and once you get her health low enough, she’ll spawn a circle of ghouls around the group. Essentially the ghouls form a “link” and you want to “open” the “door” to this link by killing a ghoul, best mark the ground where you want a ghoul dead, stay in FRONT of the ghoul and burst it down, then simply stroll out to safety.
Echo of Tyrande: Melee stand in, ranged stand out. Ranged dodge circly things and 3 pronged things. Done.

Echo of Jaina: Interrupt frostbolt volley, stand in fire blob on ground, dodge 3 pronged ice. Done.

Moruzond: Blow ALL cooldowns, pew pew, dodge swirls, click hour glass when overwhelmed, rinse and repeat.

Well of Eternity:

Satyr Demon Guy Name Starts with P: Uhhh nothing special, but when he puts you all into camouflage mode, run around and don’t get “seen” by his eyes or he one shots you. Pushover.

Queen Azshara: Kill mages, high priority is to kill hands MC’ing people, and when she does her big thing to be interrupted, get an interrupt on her. Pretty easy actually.

Varo’then and Mannoroth: Kill Varo’then, dodge fel flames, help Tyrande when she whines and then burn down Mannoroth. Make sure to click on Varo’then’s sword to chuck it at Mannoroth.

Hour of Twilight

This last dungeon is so easy and brainless, and also Thrall is almost annoying as he’s one of the slow “walk with me” type NPCs.

Feludius: This is the first ice boss, no one really cares about his name. Umm, dispel people chained and dodge falling ice, when he starts doing AOE, burn him. Easy sneezey.

Asira Dawnslayer: She’ll mark you and there’s a chance that she’ll silence you on every spell cast you do, just stand behind the tank and let them take the knife hit bwahaha.
Archbishop Benedictus: Umm……dodge waves. All his other abilities don’t really hit for anything.


The new dungeons are nice and all but rather easy compared to the introduction of the Zandalaris? Quick easy gear ups for the preparation of Dragon Soul. The running of all three dungeons is probably quicker than a single Deadmines, which is nice!

Now I know it’s hard to please everyone but there should be a very clear cut standard between easy, challenging, and annoyingly difficult. Let’s take a look at the beginning of Cata when most everyone was saying that the 346 heroics were hard. Ok, I give it to people getting used to the new class systems and new types of mechanics, but really they weren’t “hard”, they were just “not Wrath facerollable”.

To pull off some of the achievements at or below gear level was impressive and that was the challenge. You required 329 to get in, not a big gap, 17 ilvl.

Then come the Zandalaris. They were 353 requiring 346 to enter, not a big gap and the boss mechanics were done very nicely, I would have to say there’s our true challenging stuff. Staying out of crap, co-ordinating with group members and what-not.

Now the new dungeons. I would have to say they are very “cool”. End time is very bleak and dreary but the bosses are pretty much throughput with dodging. Murkozond is cool because, hey who doesn’t want to be able to use Metamorphosis five freaking times in a row?!

Well of Eternity is “cool”, I guess. It’s not really a dungeon moreso just sneaking around with Illidan. Perhaps this is the first dungeon that represents what I have been pushing for, a skirmish. Easy, casually gained 378s. Nice! Other than the one very obvious interrupt in the dungeon, there isn’t much of a challenge rather just throughput.

I am kind of disappointed with Hour of Twilight (HoT). You would think this being the third in the series it would be as epic and “difficult” as Halls of Reflection. I remember when we were doing top 6k dps in Wrath the Arthas Gauntlet still felt fairly epic, or at least my constant shouting made it epic. HoT is essentially run down a hall, kill a boss. Run a bit further, adds, kill boss. None of the bosses really require multiple player co-ordination like Corla’s ascendents.

Then again perhaps I’m just too used to “mechanics”, and this is how dungeons in the low levels are anyways. Though it’s nice to have some quick 150 VP dungeons that feel very current and “now”. I mean come on, even though the regular heroics give 150 VP, it would still feel odd getting Throne of the Tides and thinking “uhhh where is this again?”

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