November Updates

Hello my dear one reader, how are you? It’s been a very long time since I felt the need to update this dusty old blog. Again I would like to thank you for sticking around. I know that I never take enough time or effort to edit my words to make them fluent and beautiful like so many other artists err bloggers out there, nor do these words ever have much substance.

Anyhow, what have I been up to you ask? Essentially, not much. Uh oh I feel one of those ugly lists that Truny loves so much approaching:

Turby: Turby is currently having “fun” trying to “achieve” the collection of 150 companion pets for the very awesome Celestial Dragon companion. He is currently at 142, and let me tell you it’s no fun farming for world drops. He was also very lucky enough to win a shoulder token off of Momo Staghelm, giving him a very nice 4 piece bonus of free shots and kill commands. Turby also became a ranked player on some fights (As Beast Master), given not a lot of people play Beast Master he’s somewhere in the mid hundreds. Not bad. (Actually it seems that if I play well as BM in any fight except Alysrazor I’ll get ranked….)

Truny: Sadly I haven’t touched my warlock in a long time, Demo just got too clunky for me, while the juggling of every single nuke and corruption and was interesting, it really isn’t worth all the effort. She is currently in her Affliction spec, it is much more relaxed and fluid (well moreso than Demo), and perhaps she’ll get to try it out in a proper raid. Probably not.

Turny: I really really miss my druid, like REALLY. The hots and utterly insane mobility make me feel right at home when healing on Turny. I was asked to heal our weekly FL on my druid, as we had priests a plenty that day and …it just felt right. If only ToL form came back =(

Husbrus: Who the hell is Husbrus you ask? Uhh, well she is my priest, and officially my 2nd best “geared” toon after my hunter. How did this happen? Well, I’ve always had this priest in the background, doing the random Smite Healing, but that got boring and the fact that smiting had me targetting an enemy made my inner healer feel very uneasy, since if the tank takes damage I’d have to switch targets (oh no so much effort!). So I went Holy. Holy is interesting, it’s kind of like being a resto druid but with tools up the hoo-ha! You get your pingping heal spell, an instant weak heal, TWO aoe heals, binding heal, free flash heals, your basic nourish (heal) and healing touch (greater heal), and this thing called Chakra which makes you shiny and pretty. I healed one of our previous FL on Husbrus and it was quite fun. I’m not sure why some guides mention only using flash heal or greater heals, wouldn’t you run out of mana REALLY fast? I’ve trained myself to strictly use “Heal”, the mana-neutral spell, just like Nourish (it bugs me when I see people only using Regrowth, same story). Then again, we’ve been in Firelands so many times it’s pretty easy to predict when and what kind of damage is incoming where it’s safe to conserve mana.

Now I have an idea for a more interesting post so goodbye!

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