Firelands Action Plan: Step 2

So I’ve been looking at my older posts and WOW were they as bitter as a witch’s tit dipped in tangerine juice. (Awkward moment)

I had said that I would “work” on my other toons once my hunter had received:

4/5 Upgrades. Let’s count. 378 Bow and Weapon, 378 Gloves, Matoclaw’s Ring, VP Bracers thanks to my friend who grinded the VP for me before quitting 😉

And today I will have enough marks FINALLY to unlock ONE of the Firelands Vendors, and I am going to choose the dude inside the tree as the agility trinket is pretty nice, and because of my Engineering I can make some money selling stuff!

Another requirement was to tame a new pet: Ban’thalos.

So now, who to play? It’s a tossup between my druid and my warlock and I am edging towards my druid because he’s pretty much been my main tank/heals forever and Warlocks are still KINDA clunky.

BUT the real question is: Do I want to do dailies on my Druid as well, with him eventually completing the Molten Front Shenannigans? Ehhh…… I dunno…..maybe at a REAAAAAAAAALLLLY slow pace. Maybe I’ll do somewhere along the lines of one to two dailies a day and see how that goes. Though the entire round of dailies seem to only take 20 minutes on my hunter…..We. Shall. See.

Again it’s the “what else can I do?” syndrom. Well, gather and stockpile mats, run weird guild groups where we only melee mobs, do old raids, etc etc etc.

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